Business Development Specialist



İzmir, Türkiye

Job Overview

Univenn is a startup studio who builds startups that have the potential for impact at scale.


We have developed numerous startups from scratch, such as Goodsted, Kitup, and Bidiyet, which have reached millions of users and received investment. Every year we develop 4 to 8 startups and specialized in AI, SaaS, Wellness, Edtech businesses.

We are seeking a Business Development Manager for Univenn and its startups, who will engage with potential partners and customers, become the face of the company by attending events, and contribute to strategy setting and business development.


With us, you will become a part of the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. You will represent our team, known for its speed and quality, get the chance to participate in huge global projects promising international growth, employ the latest and finest technologies, and enjoy the ride with your new a+ teammates."


You are;

  • Cultivating and sustaining robust relationships with pivotal contacts, including clients, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Guaranteeing seamless communication between the product team and partners throughout the project, while overseeing the development process from inception to fruition.
  • Spearheading various production facets and corresponding client communication to assure smooth and transparent implementation.
  • Employing proactive problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking to offer novel solutions to client obstacles.
  • Upholding a positive and cooperative work environment alongside a talented team of creatives.
  • Possessing experience in software development or a fervent interest in navigating this rapidly changing and perpetually evolving field.
  • Robust capability to represent and showcase the company with the highest level of professionalism and assurance.
  • Professional fluency in English, with proficiency in an additional language being a plus.
  • Advocating for the implementation of regional and global marketing strategies and initiatives.
  • Living in İstanbul or İzmir

We are;

  • We are a team of doers that obsessed with products, ship own startups and partner to founders & funds. 
  • We like to discover new areas with focused founders an ideal partner for open-minded founders to develop innovative, projects our way. 
  • We are young, dislike bureaucracy, and value independence. 
  • We disfavor fashionable terms like scrum, blockchain, ai etc., yet we've been able to use them since they were born.
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