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İzmir, Türkiye

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Univenn is a startup studio who builds startups that have the potential for impact at scale.


We really like to develop startups into blue oceans. We've always preferred to be early adopters in new markets. We came up with, funded, and brought our concepts to market.


We like to discover new areas with focused founders. We are an ideal partner for open-minded founders to develop innovative, tailor-made projects our way.

We have ideas for the next batch. Although there is no certain limit, we are interested in edtech, hr saas and b2c subscription-based mobile applications. We are development focused startup studio.


To date, we have made more than 20 startups, and these startups have been funded and earned over 10M USD. We do 4-8 startups in a year. 


You can both be the founder of our ideas or present your own ideas.

We are looking for passionate founders&co-founders.


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