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10-50 people
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🌎 Univenn is a startup studio founded in 2021, consisting of a team that is product-focused, able to launch and bring products to market, creating startups with broad impact potential.  

We are a team of researcher colleagues who constantly improve themselves in the fields of SaaS, EdTech and AI, establish their own business, and also conduct and develop business with partners through B2B communication. ✨

✔️ We establish our own startups
We really love turning startups into blue oceans. We have always preferred to be early adopters in new markets. We came up with our concepts, financed them and brought them to market.

✔️ We establish startups with partners
We love exploring new areas with focused founders. We are the ideal partner for open-minded founders to develop innovative, tailor-made projects using our own methods.

✔️ We are makers
We are young, we do not like bureaucracy and we value independence. We don't like buzzwords like scrum, blockchain, ai, but we have been using them since they were born.

📍 Here are Some of Projects

📍 What is Inside?

We are doers. We know very well the product we will develop. When starting a business, three things become our working strategy;

  • do it as a team,
  • make it innovative,
  • do things right, then we roll up our sleeves and finish the job. 🚀

We are goal-oriented. Know the product to be developed well, to determine the goals and to follow this with a meticulous plan is our mission. 💪🏼

We are young. We are a team of experts in our field who have been working together for many years, constantly developing and never giving up on self-improvement, and who value working as a team to achieve common goals.  🖥️

We are not an ordinary company. We don't like bureaucracy and have created a modern work culture by encouraging our employees to improve and achieve more. 🏆

We have a flexible work schedule, the most important thing for us is that the daily work is completed.. 🎯

We attach importance to in-company training. Since we prefer colleagues who are prone to self-improvement and research, we regularly organize trainings and in-team mini competitions with people from the industry. 📊

We are researchers. The most common thing the company will ask you for is plenty of research and documentation. Because success requires research and good planning. 🔎

We are social. We know that work will not be productive without motivated and happy employees, so we attach importance to socialization. ☕️


📌  We would be very happy to add teammates to our team who can adapt to working with us, are willing to learn and will contribute to us.