Marketing Artist Intern


Sales and Marketing

İzmir, Türkiye

Job Overview

 Univenn is a startup studio who builds startups that have the potential for impact at scale.

 We have developed numerous startups from scratch, such as Goodsted, Kitup, and Bidiyet, which have reached millions of users and received investment. Every year we develop 4 to 8 startups and specialized in AI, SaaS, Wellness, Edtech businesses.

 We know that a successful marketing campaign requires a successful Marketing Artist on our team.

We are seeking a Marketing Artist for Univenn and its startups, with whom we can make our applications known all over the world and together we can take our applications to the top!


Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Create engaging visual and animated motion videos for various product-related marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding data-driven insights and constantly generating creative ideas for subsequent marketing campaigns.
  • Creating and publishing advertising videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.
  • Deliver these marketing campaigns with high-quality content aimed at consumers. ·
  • Creating new campaigns by analyzing the data sets obtained by looking at the performance of the campaigns.
  • Create Apple Store images.
  • Be ready to continuously improve visual and animation creation processes.
  • Creating 2D motion graphics.
  • It would be nice to have a 3D experience.
  • You must have experience in mobile application ads.
  • Related applications such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.
  • Interested in Motion Graphics.
  • Preferably a university graduate or continuing education in Graphic Design, Animation or related fields.

We are;

  • We are a team of doers that obsessed with products, ship own startups and partner to founders & funds. 
  • We like to discover new areas with focused founders an ideal partner for open-minded founders to develop innovative, projects our way. 
  • We are young, dislike bureaucracy, and value independence. 
  • We disfavor fashionable terms like scrum, blockchain, ai etc., yet we've been able to use them since they were born.


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